Tank Girl

Tank Girl
Real name
Rebecca Buck
Current alias
Tank Girl
Base of operations

Bounty hunter
Place of birth
Down Under
First appearance

Deadline #1 (1988)


Rebecca Buck is the protagonist of the strip Tank Girl. She was born in post-apocalyptic Australia at some point in the near future. After a childhood chiefly notable only for her collection of novelty pencil sharpeners, she became a tank pilot for an unknown organisation presumably affiliated with the Australian government and then became a bounty hunter.

Rebecca was eventually declared an outlaw after shooting a decorated officer she mistook for her father, and failing to deliver colostomy bags to President Hogan, causing him considerable embarrassment at an international trade conference. Going on the run with her tank (which is also her home) she has since had a series of unlikely and often rather unsavoury adventures, usually in the company of her boyfriend Booga (a mutant kangaroo) and sometimes her friends Jet Girl, Sub Girl, Boat Girl, Stevie and Barney. She also has a number of talking stuffed animals: Mr Precocious, Squeaky Toy Rat and the late Camp Koala, who appears to her as her guardian angel.

Powers and abilities


Good at driving her tank.

Strength level

Reasonably fit human female.







  • Tank Girl is infamous for her violent tendencies, promiscuity, near-perpetual drunkenness and disgusting personal habits.
  • In 1995, Tank Girl was adapted into a movie starring Lori Petty.
  • The strip has had a number of publishers, including a stint in the Judge Dredd Megazine.
  • It has also had a number of illustrators, including D'Israeli and Rufus Dayglo.

Tank Girl Publication History

  • Deadline (1988-1995; not every issue)
  • Tank Girl Vols 1-3 (1990, 1993, 1996. Published by Penguin Books; later reprinted by Titan Books. Reprints of the stories from Deadline)
  • Tank Girl #1-8 (Manga Publishing, July 1995 - February 1996)
  • Tank Girl: The Odyssey (four-issue miniseries from Vertigo Comics, USA, 1995)
  • Tank Girl: Apocalypse (four-issue miniseries from Vertigo Comics, USA, 1995)
  • Tank Girl: The Gifting (four-issue miniseries from IDW Publishing, USA, 2007)
  • Tank Girl: Visions of Booga (four-issue miniseries from IDW Publishing, USA, 2008)
  • Tank Girl: Skidmarks (four-issue miniseries from Titan Books, 2009; reprinted in Judge Dredd Megazine)
  • Tank Girl: Dark Nuggets (Image Comics, USA, 2010)
  • Tank Girl: Dirty Helmets (Image Comics, USA, 2010)
  • Tank Girl: Hairy Heroes (Image Comics, USA, 2010)
  • Tank Girl: The Royal Escape (four-issue miniseries from IDW Publishing, USA, 2010)
  • Tank Girl: Bad Wind Rising (four-issue miniseries from Titan Books, 2010)
  • Tank Girl: Carioca (three-part miniseries from Titan Books, 2011)
  • Everybody Loves Tank Girl (three-issue miniseries from Titan Books, 2012)

There have also been numerous collected editions.


  • Though the Tank Girl series began in Deadline #1, the character's first published appearance was as a one-page ad in the fanzine Atomtan.
  • Tank Girl makes a brief cameo appearance in Neil Googe's short lived series Bazooka Jules, in which Jules implies that she has now supplanted Tank in the public consciousness. She hadn't.


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