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Tammy was a girls' comic published by IPC/Fleetway from 6th February 1971 to 23rd June 1984 (689 issues in total). Originally edited by Gerry Finley-Day and later Wilf Prigmore, the comic absorbed several other less successful titles over the years, including Sally, Sandie, June, Jinty and Misty. Upon its cancellation, Tammy was itself merged into Girl. Or rather, it was meant to merge with Girl, but a strike intervened and Tammy was simply dropped, leaving her final stories unfinished. The title was an anthology with the usual (for girls' comics) mix of stories often centred around put-upon girls, valiant animals and supernatural mysteries, with long running strips including Wee Sue, The Cat Girl, Bessie Bunter, Misty and Pam of Pond Hill. Other notable stories included 'Slaves of War Orphan Farm', 'No Tears for Molly' and 'Becky Never Saw the Ball' (that last one was about a blind tennis player, and pretty much sums up what made British girls' comics of the era so unique). Among the artists to draw for Tammy was Jim Baikie.

Tammy Annuals were also published, from 1971 to 1985 (dated 1972 to 1986).

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