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Tales from Beyond Science

Tales from Beyond Science were first published in 2000 AD progs 774 to 779 (in 1992). Another couple turned up in a 2000 AD Winter Special and 1994's 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special. Some were also reprinted in Time Killers. They are like Tharg's Future Shocks, except that they are all drawn by Rian Hughes and written by Mark Millar, Alan McKenzie or John Smith. They are available as a trade paperback, and their titles are as follows:

  • 'The Men in Red'
  • 'The Music Man'
  • 'Long Distance Calls'
  • 'Agents of Mu-Mu'
  • 'The Eyes of Edwin Spendlove'
  • 'Secrets of the Organism'
  • 'The Secret Month Under the Stairs'
  • 'The Man Who Created Space'