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TV Century 21 (later renamed TV21 with issue #155) was a weekly anthology published first by City Magazines and then by IPC and originally edited by Alan Fennell, which focused primarily on comics adaptations of the then popular childrens TV shows produced by Gerry Anderson, including Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Fireball XL5, Supercar, Lady Penelope and Stingray, although it also featured a long running strip based on the Daleks from the BBC's Doctor Who series, which is now known as The Dalek Chronicles (though that title never appeared on the strip itself).

Many of Britain's leading comic artists of the time worked on TV21, including Frank Bellamy, Ron Turner, John M. Burns, Keith Watson, Ron Embleton, Gerry Embleton, Mike Noble, Martin Asbury and Don Harley. Writers included Angus Allan. TV21 later incorporated two cancelled titles, becoming TV21 & Tornado (incorporating TV Tornado) from #192, then TV21 & Joe 90 before merging with Valiant, picking up various strips from these titles along the way including Star Trek.

The title was launched on 23rd January 1965 and initially ran until 6th September 1969, before being relaunched and renumbered after the merger with Joe 90 from 27th September 1969 until 25th September 1971. The original run lasted 242 issues, and the renumbered run a further 105, a total of 347 issues in all. TV Century 21/TV21 Annuals were published from 1965-1973, and a number of TV21 Specials were also released.