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Micky Swift

By Jamie Hewlett

Swifty's Return was a comic strip by Peter Milligan and Jamie Hewlett which appeared in 2000 AD progs 614 to 617, in 1989. The sequel to Sooner or Later, it starred Micky Swift, his best mate Clinton and his quondam girlfriend Wendy.

Swifty and Clinton are pursued by Wendy's angry new boyfriend, whom they have irritated (literally) by the judicious application of Tabasco and West Indian pepper sauce to his hamburger. To escape they rub the invitation to a trans-temporal party Swifty was given during his last adventure and end up getting into trouble in four different time zones.

Swifty ultimately pinches a priceless jewel from the Taj Mahal (causing the building to collapse in the process) and smuggles it back to 1989. He uses the money he gets for it to swan off to a tropical island with Wendy (who was apparently only trying to make him jealous), Clinton and Clinton's girlfriend.

Swifty's Return wasn't nearly as mordantly satirical as Sooner or Later, but it was still a good laugh.