Supercats was a science fiction strip drawn by Spanish comics artist Enrique Romero which ran in the D.C. Thomson girls' comic Spellbound (and later in Debbie) in the mid 1970s.

The Supercats were an all-female team of spacefaring superheroes who crewed the spaceship Lynx. Three of them had super-powers: Fauna had chameleon-like powers of disguise, Electra could generate electricity from her fingertips and Hercula (who looked physically identical to Romero's later sci-fi heroine Axa) had incredible strength. They were led by the non-powered Captain Helen Millar (who was presumably on very good terms with someone in Human Resources).

Later, in the Diana Annuals, the team was renamed the Fabulous Four (a reference to the American publishers Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four, all four of whom were super-powered).

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