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Appearing in "Captain Britain Meets Spider-Man"

Featured characters:

Supporting characters:

  • Dean Beatty


Other characters:


  • Empire State University, New York
  • Heathrow airport, London
  • Peter Parker's flat


  • Amulet of Right
  • Star sceptre


  • New York traffic
  • Privately-owned 747
  • Two limousines

Synopsis for "Captain Britain Meets Spider-Man"

Peter Parker (alias Spider-Man) winds up with Brian Braddock (alias Captain Britain) as a temporary room-mate, in exchange for $50 per week from his (Peter's) university. Neither of the young men knows about the other's secret identity. Therefore, when Brian sees Spider-Man jumping out of Peter's apartment window, he assumes that he is up to no good and changes into Captain Britain in order to follow him. Meanwhile, the villainous Arcade agrees to assassinate Brian.


Published by Marvel UK in November 1977. Reprints from Marvel Team-Up (US) Vol 1 begin.


Brian Braddock is wearing a round Union Jack badge on his lapel, just in case anybody mistakes him for an American.

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