"Men — if I can call you that — for years criminals have been escaping punishment by hiding in far corners of the galaxy! As Search-Destroy agents... your job will be to bring them to justice! Frankly, I didn't want to license freaks like you, but no decent man likes to hunt his brother for money! It's lonely, dangerous work... and many of you will be killed! Now get out — search and destroy!" (Starlord #2.)

The Strontium Dogs are more properly referred to as Search/Destroy Agents, mutant bounty hunters operating out of an orbital space station known as the Doghouse in the late 22nd century. Some of the most notable SD agents are listed here. They first appeared in the series Strontium Dog, which originated in IPC's Starlord comic before becoming a mainstay of 2000 AD.

When Johnny Alpha, principal hero of the Strontium Dog strip, was temporarily killed off, Strontium Dogs was also the name of a short-lived replacement strip concerning the adventures of some of his former associates after his death, notably Feral and the Gronk. It was the product of creators such as David Bishop, Garth Ennis, Nigel Dobbyn, Mark Harrison, Peter Hogan and Trevor Hairsine. NB: This series is no longer deemed canon.

The Strontium Dogs also feature in spin-off strip Tales from the Doghouse.

Prominent Strontium Dogs

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