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Strip: The Adventure Comics Magazine was a monthly anthology title published by the Bosnian-based company Print Media. Intended by its creator, Ivo Milicevic, to revive the more or less defunct tradition of British adventure anthologies such as the long-departed Valiant, Lion and Eagle, it started life in February 2010. The initial seven-issue print run (which included a mix of new material and reprints such as Hook Jaw from Action) was effectively a test run with extremely limited circulation through comic shops only.

The relaunched Strip #1 rolled out across the UK in branches of WH Smith and various other outlets on 12th April 2013, and simultaneously launched as an online digital version. Strips featured include King Cobra by John Freeman (an updated version of the original King Cobra from D.C. Thomson's Hotspur, used under licence), superhero spoof Cosmic Patrol, Black Ops Extreme, Denizens, Warpaint, Bogey-Man Bob, Black Dragon and fantasy adventure Crucible: The Quest. Unfortunately, it appears to have stalled with issue #2.

Note: Not to be confused with Strip!

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