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Not to be confused with Marvel's Star-Lord.
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Starlord came to Earth to thwart the plans of the evil Interstellar Federation (the 'Int-Stell-Fed') who supposedly had designs on the planet. He inexplicably decided to do this by starting up a weekly science fiction comic, with the help of 2000 AD editor Tharg, and recruiting agents from its mostly ten-year-old readership who would be his eyes and ears on Earth. The first issue carried with it a choice of one of six badges which would give these agents their allotted rank: Pilot, Tank Commander, Mek War Controller Robot Regiment, Time Warden, Laser Specialist or (if they were really unlucky) the useless-sounding Skateboard Strike Force. (However, see Starlord's quotes page for an explanation of why the Skateboard Strike Force was an extremely important element of Earth's defence against alien invaders.)

Starlord exhorted his young readers to embark on "an immediate crash-course in interstellar survival," which presumably would involve learning how to hold their breath for long periods, in lurid language that was little short of hysterical (see quotes page again). The editor of 2000 AD, Tharg, was sympathetic to Starlord's goals, lending him the occasional droid, but loftily pronounced himself to be far above such petty galactic squabbles, as he is a Superior Being from a planet orbiting Betelgeuse.

After a mere 22 weeks, Starlord pronounced that his mission on Earth had been a success and duly headed off into space on a special top-secret mission, never to be seen again (except in a couple of Starlord Annuals). Enquiries to Tharg as to his whereabouts in recent years revealed that he has not been seen in public on Earth since 1979, though rumours that he had been spotted at a McDonalds in Basingstoke could not be discounted.

Powers and abilities[]


Leadership skills; singing.

Strength level

Presumably superhuman.



MANTAV (manned anti-neutron tracked attack vehicle); SCRAT (Sunburst Class regimental attack troopship); Skybolt Mk II; Mirca (Multi-Rôle Combat Attack) ship.


Blasters; dagger.


  • Starlord was supposedly the editor of the Starlord comic. In Starlord #13 he promised to tell readers his life story in a future issue, but the comic was cancelled before that could happen.
  • An alternative account of Starlord's life has it that he was the greatest war criminal the galaxy has ever known, who used his comic to brainwash an army of children into fighting a bloody and unprovoked war against the peaceful Interstellar Federation. This account, found in the pages of 2000 AD prog 2061, is either cunning propaganda spread by the devious Int-Stell-Fed, or a horrifyingly plausible explanation for the disappearance of so many of Starlord's young readers in the late 1970s...


  • One issue of 2000 AD 'revealed' that Starlord was now somewhere out in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, singing lead soprano in an Alvin Stardust tribute band.
  • Starlord had a cameo in the Judge Dredd story in the 1980 Dan Dare annual, where he was shown wearing a sign round his neck reading 'Spare a coin for the unemployed'.


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