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The Star Tigers were a group of misfits gathered together by Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer to aid him in his stated aim of "wiping out every last stinking Dalek in the galaxy." The members included Salander, a Draconian Prince; Harma, an Ice Warrior; and Vol Mercurius, an Earthman with a bionic hand (Daak having cut off his real one in an earlier encounter because of a disagreement over a woman). They had a brief career annoying the Daleks before all of them but Daak were apparently killed when their ship, the Kill Wagon, crashed; Daak later seemingly died destroying a Dalek Death Wheel during an encounter with the Time Lord known as The Doctor. Years later, though, it was revealed that all of the Tigers had in fact survived. Presumably, they're still out there, somewhere.

Abslom Daak was briefly pictured in the televised Doctor Who episode Time Heist, when a computer showed images of people who had tried to rob the Bank of Karabraxos. It is not known whether or not the other Star Tigers assisted him with this endeavour.



Formerly, the Kill Wagon.




  • Star Tigers ran as a backup strip in Doctor Who Weekly #27 to #30 and Doctor Who Monthly #44 to #46. The team later resurfaced in the story Nemesis of the Daleks, part of the main Doctor Who strip (in which they all seemed to die) and later in Emperor of the Daleks (in which they were revealed to have all survived).
  • The strip's original artist was Steve Dillon, but David Lloyd took over with episode four.


When Daak and Salander go to the planet Paradise to recruit Harma, a Cyberman can be seen mingling with the crowd; it has been speculated that this was Kroton the Cyberman, and that Paradise was the planet seen at the end of the second Kroton story, Ship of Fools.


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