Star Heroes began as a one-off Winter Special published by Marvel UK in October 1979 featuring 52 pages of reprints of the American Marvel titles 'Battlestar Galactica' (a tie-in to the original BSG TV series) and The Micronauts before being launched as a regular monthly title in March 1980. While the Star Heroes Winter Special was in regular A4 magazine format, the ongoing title was a digest sized 'Pocket Book' (one of a newly launched line), featuring Battlestar Galactica and The Micronauts (a toy tie-in strip which had previously had a lengthy run as a backup series in Marvel's long running Star Wars Weekly title). The ninth issue was a double sized (100 pages as opposed to the usual 50, or 52 including covers) issue almost solely devoted to Battlestar Galactica, backed up by a four page 1960s SF short story drawn by Steve Ditko; the Micronauts ended in issue #8 but their ongoing adventures continued in the regular format weekly SF anthology title Future Tense. From issue #10, The X-Men took the lead strip, and from issue #11 the Battlestar Galactica strip was dropped. The title was renamed 'X-Men' from issue #12 (reprinting early X-Men stories from the 1960's; a six page Wolverine/Hercules team-up which had first been published in Marvel Comic Vol 1 335 also appeared, in #20)), and was cancelled in August 1982 with issue #28.

Individual issues

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