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By Ben Willsher

"SJS. Special Judicial Squad. That's the Sinister Jeopardy Sect to you and me. Depending who you ask, they're 'the Judges who judge the Judges', the brakes on fascism, or a bunch of drokking drokkheaded evil drokks."1

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?2 It's the Special Judicial Squad, part of Justice Department's Undercover Operations Division. They have the power to do things like subjecting Judges to intense interrogation, verging on torture, as part of a 'random abuse test' to assess their toughness. Unsurprisingly, nobody likes them very much. Dredd, under extreme provocation, once punched one of them in a corridor, and all the other Judges who witnessed the assault swore blind that they'd seen nothing. Notable members of the SJS include Judge Kramer (pictured) and former chiefs Judge Niles and Judge Buell. The late Judge Caligula once led the SJS and used them to assassinate Chief Judge Goodman so that he could take over Mega-City One. Judge Pin was also a member of the SJS.

1Jack Point, Judge Dredd Megazine #238.
2As this is a comics wiki, the English translation of this phrase would just confuse matters.