Real name
Sláine MacRoth
Current alias
The Sun King; Once and Future King; Lord of Chaos; Leader of the Wild Hunt; Robin Goodfellow; Lord of Misrule; King of the Greenwood
Protégé of Danu
Niamh (wife, deceased); Kai (son); Roth Bellyshaker (father, deceased); Macha (mother, deceased); Mongan Axehead (foster father); Ragall (foster brother, deceased).
Base of operations

Unusual features
When warped, yes
Marital status
Warrior king; former mercenary
Sessair military training
Normal human birth
Place of birth
First appearance
Last appearance

2000 AD prog 330
2000 AD prog 1988


Sláine MacRoth is the eponymous hero of the long-running 2000 AD strip Sláine. The first significant event in his life occurred when he was seven. His mother, Macha, was a deadly warrior who gave Sláine his first solid food on the tip of a sword blade. Her drunkard husband Roth Bellyshaker boasted that she could outrun the king's chariot in a race. The king forced her to run and she was trampled to death by the horses as Sláine watched. Roth may have made his boast deliberately as a way of getting rid of his wife, because she had been unfaithful to him many times and Roth suspected that she was lying when she said that Sláine was his.

When he was sixteen Sláine was cast out by his tribe, the Sessair, for an unauthorized liaison with the King's bride-to-be, Niamh. He spent years exploring Tír na nÓg in the company of his unscrupulous servant, the dwarf Ukko, and occasionally aided by the druidess Nest.

He eventually became embroiled in a war between earthly mystics, led by Myrddin, and the aliens called Cythrons who were harvesting humanity's negative emotions. To strike a decisive blow in the conflict Sláine and his companions (including Calgacus, Mogrooth, Oeahoo, Murdach, Giya, Tlachtga and Pluke) had to venture into the tomb of the dark god Grimnismal. Despite most of them dying, Grimnismal was eventually killed, to the chagrin of the Cythrons' abhorrent leader the Guledig.

After completing this mission Sláine finally returned to his people to become their king, leading them against the demonic Fomorians. Blessed by the Earth Goddess, he became a living incarnation of her consort, the Horned God, and eventually the first High King of Ireland.

He later gave up his title (after a number of adventures in other time periods as the servant of the Goddess) to Gael, founder of the Gaelic race. Having lost his wife, Niamh, murdered by the evil Moloch, Sláine eventually left his homeland in order to find his missing son, Kai, eventually encountering him in a travelling circus run by Ukko. His adventures continue.

Powers and abilities


Sláine can cause his body to warp into a monstrous, superhumanly-strong form. He had his first 'warp-spasm' when he was 12.


Making mincemeat of his enemies; composing impromptu verses celebrating his victories.

Strength level

Strong enough to uproot a tree single-handed (when human); or even stronger (when warped).


Overbearing, crude and arrogant (according to Nest – see quotes).



Throwing thong (for throwing his axe at people).


Has been known to use a horse; a European bison; a mammoth; a dragon called The Knucker; another dragon belonging to his enemy Medb; and a super-dimensional cosmic being or 'macrobe' called Pluke that could only fly if Sláine had altered the cosmic balance by performing a good deed. Plus he sometimes has wings.


The axe Brainbiter (which once received an unexpected mention in Nikolai Dante); the sword Bloodprow; Gáe Bolga (a spear).



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