On the back of 2000 AD prog 331, by Jim Baikie

Skizz was a series by Alan Moore and Jim Baikie which originally ran in 2000 AD progs 308 to 330 (1983). It told the story of an alien named Interpreter Zhcchz, of the Tau Ceti Imperium, who crash lands on Earth and is given sanctuary by schoolgirl Roxanne O'Rourke after she finds him hiding in her garden shed. Skizz is pursued by the British government, as represented by the sadistic and paranoid Mr Van Owen, who believes that 'Skizz' (Roxy's name for the alien, whose own name is unpronounceable to her) is the scout for an alien invasion.

Very much a reflection of Thatcher's Britain at the time, Skizz is an often funny and heart-warming but at other times bitter-sweet tale, which ends in a dramatic confrontation between the alien's protectors (including Roxy, intellectually challenged unemployed pipe fitter Cornelius Cardew and Cornelius's mate Loz), Van Owen and the police. Van Owen shoots and apparently kills Cornelius, an act which results in an angry mob descending on him while the police do nothing (the Inspector having been at school with Cornelius). Before they can exact their revenge an alien spacecraft arrives to rescue Skizz, leaving everyone dumbfounded. While they are all distracted Cornelius, who was only wounded after all, resurfaces and hurls the deranged Van Owen to his death from a rooftop.

Skizz was popular enough to warrant two follow-up series: Skizz II: Alien Cultures in 2000 AD progs 767 to 775, and Skizz Book III in progs 912 to 927. These were both written and drawn by Baikie without Moore's involvement.

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