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2000 AD prog 2060


Sinead is a character from the 2000 AD strip Sláine. Like most Celtic women of her era she is brave, determined, outspoken and rebellious. This means that she often finds the men in her life disappointing, as they fail to match her high standards. She customarily wears almost no clothing apart from a couple of leather straps across her breasts and down her torso, but doesn't seem to feel the cold.

As the travelling companion of Sláine MacRoth, whose reputation had inspired her before they first met, Sinead aided him in his battles against the Fomorians and Drune Lords who were oppressing the people of Albion. The Drune Lords are a metaphor for the Catholic church, and their goal is to make humanity into a cowed and subservient species who "obey like a dead body obeys," believe everything they are told and don't mind having their noses cut off if they fail to pay crippling taxes. This was anathema to Sinead's independent, free-thinking nature.

During Sinead's relatively brief but eventful time by Sláine's side, she was attacked by various earthly and supernatural forces, turned into a monstrous sea creature (she got better) and kidnapped by the Drune Lords, who raped her and made her addicted to opium poppies because they wanted to use her to breed a race of domesticated humans. However, her warrior spirit proved impossible to subdue. After Sláine rescued her and the opium she had been given wore off, she was back to screaming her defiance at the Drunes' soldiers and beheading four of them with a single sword stroke. She also helped Sláine to recover the treasures of Danu the earth goddess from the Drunes (who had been given them by Sinead's own father, Kark, because he thought that that would stop them from kidnapping her), and free an orangutan called Zana whom the Drunes had caged because she was a primordial human — a throwback to the time before humanity was 'improved' by the Drunes' evil masters, the Archons and the Cyth. Zana ran off into the sunset and has not been seen since.

Sláine clearly trusted Sinead implicitly, because he confided secrets about his mother Macha's promiscuous past to her. He even used magic to let Sinead possess Macha's ghost so she (Macha) could tell him which of her lovers was his true father. Sinead said afterwards that she had enjoyed the experience (see quotes). Shortly afterwards she briefly became an avatar of the earth goddess Danu, who helped her and Sláine to win a fight against the Archons. Sinead and Sláine then parted company, because Sinead wanted to return to her tribe and become its headwoman (as its previous ruler, her father Kark, had betrayed them by giving away Danu's treasures), while Sláine wanted to continue the fight to free the land from tyranny.

Powers and abilities


Armed combat.

Strength level

Peak human female.


Can be temporarily incapacitated by strong drugs.





Sword; dagger.


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