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Sensitive Klegg

Sensitive Klegg
Real name
Sensitive Klegg
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Unusual features
He's a giant crocodile
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Freelance performer
Normal Klegg hatching
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2000 AD prog 1806
2000 AD prog 2000


Introduced to readers in the three-way crossover story Trifecta, the individual known only as 'Sensitive Klegg' (a name given to him by undercover Judge Dirty Frank) was a Klegg security guard employed by Overdrive, Inc. and its CEO, Enormo Overdrive. He turned against his employers in order to assist Dirty Frank because Frank was the first person ever to show any faith in him as an individual, and he saved Frank from certain death on the Moon shortly before Frank successfully sabotaged Overdrive's floating city Luna 2, which was attacking Mega-City One.

Luna 2 sank into the polluted waters of the Black Atlantic, but Sensitive Klegg survived and months later assisted Judge Dredd in escaping from the sunken remains of the city after dealing with another threat to Mega-City One. In return Chief Judge Hershey granted him Mega-City citizenship.

Sensitive Klegg lived for a while in Mega-City One but found it difficult to fit in, thanks to a prejudiced population who thought he wanted to eat them. Also, the fact that he has an "abiding love of human literature," writes poetry, likes the works of Louisa May Alcott (it's a safe bet he cried when Beth died) and is a huge fan of Emily Brontë would only serve to distinguish him still further from the rest of the citizens. (The majority of the humans in Mega-City One do not have an abiding love of human literature. The most they read in an average day is the label on a packet of munce saying 'tear here'.)

When his former employers Overdrive, Inc. put out a contract on his life which the Hunters Club tried to fulfil (causing the Klegg to fight and almost forget his non-homicidal nature), Judge Dredd saved Sensitive but then told him the city was no longer a safe place for him to be. Sensitive Klegg joined a helltrekker convoy (who were glad to have a fearsome-looking alien as part of their crew) and went to seek happiness in the Cursed Earth.

Dredd had to retrieve Sensitive from his new home, a Cursed Earth village which he was entertaining with his poetry slams, when the Klegg ambassador to Mega-City One died in an unfortunate gluttony-related incident. The Judges needed an amenable Klegg who would be happy to impersonate the ambassador so that a peace treaty could be signed between Mega-City One and the rapacious Klegg empire. Sensitive achieved this by attending the globally televised signing ceremony and gracing the entire planet with a twenty-verse aria about how war is, like, really bad. This embarrassed the Kleggs so much that they signed the treaty just to make him stop.

Sensitive Klegg is a staunch pacifist who abhors any sort of violence. Nevertheless, he has a huge platonic crush on Judge Dredd, to whom he refers as "my muse" and "my resplendent Judicial Spartacus." His admiration is not reciprocated, but fortunately Sensitive doesn't appear to have noticed this.

Powers and abilities[]


Writes poetry; composes pacifist arias.

Strength level

Greater than human.


His fearsome appearance means that people keep trying to kill him. He is also prone to "debilitating bouts of vertigo."



Library books; hippie bracelets.


Rad-wagon; H-wagon; giant irradiated Sino badlands dragon.


His teeth and claws.


  • Sensitive Klegg appears to have been a very atypical member of his species, most of whom are homicidal monsters. That being said, it is worth noting that even the most savage Kleggs have a gift for extemporised verse, albeit of a rather bloodthirsty nature, chanted in unison. Perhaps Sensitive is what happens when the 'poetry' bit of the Klegg brain, through some genetic quirk, gets turned up to eleven. Sensitive could be the Klegg equivalent of a human with autism, albinism or perfect pitch.
  • Volume 76 of Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection, entitled Klegg Hai!, contains two Sensitive Klegg stories.
  • Sensitive Klegg had a cameo in 2000 AD prog 2000 (published September 2016) which was drawn by Boo Cook. He was shown sniffing a beautiful flower.


Authors Sensitive Klegg likes include:

  • Louisa May Alcott
  • Emily Brontë
  • Joseph Conrad
  • Sylvia Plath
  • Marcel Proust


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