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Scream! was a short-lived but very highly regarded horror themed weekly published by IPC from 24th March to 30th June 1984 (15 issues). Edited by Ian Rimmer but hosted by fictional 'editor' Ghastly McNasty (whose face was never shown, though readers were invited to draw what they thought he looked like under his cowl), it featured strips including Monster.

Monster was developed by Alan Moore, though he wrote only the first part; later episodes were apparently written by John Wagner. The artists were Heinzl and Jesús Redondo. Scream! also featured The Dracula File (partly written by Simon Furman), The Nightcomers (written by Tom Tully), Terror of the Cats (by Chris Lowder and later Simon Furman), Tales from the Grave1Library of Death and A Ghastly Tale (all series of short stories). Fiends and Neighbours (a Cor! reprint) was also in the line-up, and probably the most popular strip of the bunch was The Thirteenth Floor, about a crazed computer running an apartment building.

When Scream! was cancelled, supposedly an indirect victim of the anti-horror hysteria prompted by clean-up campaigner Mary Whitehouse's campaign against 'video nasties', but in reality a victim of industrial action, it was merged with Eagle, which inherited Monster and The Thirteenth Floor. Five Scream Holiday Specials were later released between 1985 and 1989 featuring reprints of old horror themed stories from previous IPC titles.

In 2017, following their purchase of the IPC back catalogue, Rebellion published a Scream! & Misty Special featuring new material, with a second following in 2018, and a Misty and Scream! Special published in 2020.

1Presumably they were all quite short and went along the lines of, "It's dark in here."