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Ulrika, by David Sque

Dave Scorer Storry

Dave Storry

Scorer , apparently the brainchild of editor John Allard, was written by Barrie Tomlinson throughout its run and drawn by Barrie Mitchell in its first year, John Gillatt for much of the 1990s, and David Sque until the end of its run (with David Pugh and Martin Baines acting as colourists in the mid to late 2000s). It began running in the Daily Mirror in 1989 and ran until February 19th 2011. It was a football/adventure serial much like Pete Nash's Striker, which ran in rival paper The Sun, and the success of which seems to have prompted Scorer's creation. Tonally, the strip was about halfway between the much darker and more adult Striker, and the more wholesome Roy of the Rovers, the latter of which Tomlinson had previously edited.

Scorer centred on the adventures of footballer Dave Storry of Tolcaster FC both on and off the pitch. The other significant characters in the strip were Storry's Danish air hostess (and later model) girlfriend Ulrika, who had the last word in the final strip, declaring that they would "live happily ever after"; Storry's strict and much put-upon Scottish manager Jack Hocherty; and Paul Glazier, a fun-loving and occasionally alcoholic midfielder who was clearly inspired by real-life footballer Paul Gascoigne.


Scorer by John Gillatt.