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Simon (husband); Jaina (daughter); Jacen (son)
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Normal human birth
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Sam is a character from the 2000 AD strip Survival Geeks. She met Simon at a club and went back to the house he shared with Rufus and Clive for a night of drunken passion, in the laughably naïve belief that his Star Wars t-shirt was "post-ironic fashion." In the morning, as she retrieved her pink frilly knickers from Simon's replica Judge Dredd helmet, she was alarmed to find that (a) Simon was very much into all kinds of science fiction in a completely non-ironic way, (b) Clive had created a trans-dimensional portal which had swallowed the house, and (c) this meant that she was now trapped in a dimension-hopping house with three extremely nerdy young men who knew far more about Star Trek than any normal person should. This is why one shouldn't lower one's standards and sleep with geeks.

Because the first dimension the house landed in looked very similar to our own, Sam didn't believe that she had travelled through the barriers between universes until she was kidnapped by a Dark Lord who wanted her to join his team of 'warrior courtesans' who inhabited his 'lordly bedchamber'. The Dark Lord turned out to be a young RPG designer called Kevin, and escaping from him made Sam realise that there are worse things than having a one-night stand with a man who collects action figures.

Sam is currently sleeping in the bedroom of Evan, who left the house to go travelling in Africa. Evan is an extreme sports fan who for some reason covered his bedroom with massive pictures of himself and his perfect abs. Sam fell in love with him in his absence because he looked 'normal', and was overjoyed to finally meet his doppelgänger when the house arrived, months after Sam's disastrous date, in a steampunk dimension. Then she discovered that said doppelgänger was a preening, self-obsessed, sexist idiot, so she stole a Zeppelin and used it to rescue the other three Survival Geeks from the crashing aerial city of Milton Keynes. (It's not a proper parallel world unless it has Zeppelins.)

When the Survival Geeks met their opposite-gender parallel selves, Sam's doppelgänger — also called Sam — was a nice but rather ineffectual young man who shared a house with three highly intelligent and competent women. The two Sams wanted to swap places with each other but Clive wouldn't let them because it would have upset a delicate quantum balance. Rufus, being Rufus, added that they wouldn't have had anyone to do the washing up.

After eventually returning home, Sam and Simon stayed together. Sam discovered she was pregnant shortly before they found another dimension hopping device; several years later, the couple and their two children were last seen exploring an idyllic new world together.

Powers and abilities[]


Piloting Zeppelins.

Strength level

Average human female.


Nerds in nightclubs.



Gladiator sandals; pink frilly underwear; borrowed sci-fi t-shirts; aviatrix outfit.


Dimension-hopping suburban house; stolen Zeppelin.


Badminton racket; sword.


Sam and the other Survival Geeks first appeared in one of Tharg's 3rillers. Readers liked them so much that they were given their own strip.


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