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Real name
Joa Ryx
Current alias
Private Ryx; Instructor 4171; Sergeant Ryx
Base of operations

Unusual features
V.C.s tattoo
Marital status
Gunnery sergeant
Camp McGarry combat school
Place of birth
Neptune colony
First appearance
Last appearance

2000 AD prog 1303
2000 AD prog 1495


Fresh out of training, Joa Ryx joined the reformed V.C.s as starboard gunner, under the command of of Major Smith, when the war with the Geeks reignited in 2581 AD. His comrades were Kali, Lin-Fu, Ronsalle, Diderot (who replaced Ronsalle when he died) and Keege.

Ryx was a loudmouth and a lecher — Lin-Fu had to threaten him with violence to make him back off — but was basically good-natured. And he finally got his dearest wish when Lin-Fu and he slept together when marooned on Charon, on the grounds that they could wake up dead in the morning. She was fatally shot by Geeks the next day, just after Ryx had told her that he loved her.

Devastated by Lin-Fu's death, Ryx became sullen and introverted. In 2582 AD he and his squad (except Diderot, who turned out to be an alien-made cyborg) were assigned to Fort Kennedy on Mars to train cadets. Ryx tried to desert in order to find and kill William Veto, the captain he blamed for Lin-Fu's death, but was prevented by Major Smith, who promised him that he would help him kill Veto after the V.C.s had discovered the origin of Diderot and 200 other facsimile humans who had infiltrated Earth's forces. To do this, Ryx had to let Kali injure him badly so he could be admitted to Fort Kennedy's infirmary, which had treated an unusually high number of the troopers who were found to be cyborgs. He was abducted from there but rescued by his squad, who discovered from his captors that they were being paid to take wounded troopers to Edgeville, a conurbation in the Kuiper belt.

The V.C.s duly followed the trail to Edgeville, which was coincidentally also the location of Captain Veto. Ryx went after Veto with a blitz cannon, but Veto outfought him and pointed a gun at his head. Just then, Major Smith turned up and blew the top of Veto's head off, saving Ryx's life and fulfilling the promise he had made to him on Mars.

In 2583 AD Ryx was the V.C.s' gunnery sergeant, which allowed him to be horrible to new recruit Tommy Hoff. He switched from starboard gunner to main gunner because the starboard turret was slow. Ryx was last seen standing outside a human-Geek peace conference which had a chance of ending the war so that both species could unite against their real enemy: the Polity, an alliance of aliens who had incited the war in the first place and created the facsimile humans to record it for their entertainment.

Powers and abilities[]


Armed combat; physical courage.

Strength level

Peak human male.


Employs communication channel before bringing higher cognitive functions online.



A spacesuit with his name on it; G.C.C. (Global Combat Corps) Victory Cross.


G.C.C. battlecarrier James Earl Carter; G.C.C. mobile.


The ship's guns; handgun; blitz cannon.


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