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Rufus Dayglo, whose website is here, is a Northern Irish comic artist who has worked for 2000 AD and Titan Books in the UK and for IDW and Image Comics in the US. He began his career in animation working on feature films, pop romos and commercials before moving into comics, drawing for the small press title Pistake in the early 1990s (in New Zealand) before moving on to draw Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Tales from the Doghouse, Tharg's Future Shocks, Tales from the Black Museum, Low Life and Counterfeit Girl for 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine, Snaked for IDW, and Tank Girl for IDW, Judge Dredd Megazine, Image and Titan Magazines, amongst other projects.


  • In Low Life in 2000 AD prog 1397, Henry Flint drew a Judge in the background called Dayglo.
  • Rufus Dayglo has a "beautiful son" called Finlay.