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Romeo was a weekly girls' comic published by D.C. Thomson from August 31st 1957 to September 14th 1974, after which it was merged into Diana (Romeo had itself absorbed Cherie in 1963).

The content, as the name implies, was mostly romanced-based strips but interestingly included a number of reprints of American material  including Marvel Comics' long-running humour character Millie the Model — alongside original British material.

Romeo appeared to be aimed at a slightly older and more sophisticated audience than most of Thomson's other girls comics, and included a problem page where readers could receive often quite blunt and uncompromising advice on issues affecting them, some of which would not normally have been tackled by a juvenile title. Chief sub-editor John Wagner also wrote horoscopes for the title. Strips featured included:

  • Bittersweet Romance
  • Bridesmaids Mustn't Cry
  • I'm Going to Kiss Every Man I Meet
  • That Guy Across the Way