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Robot Mark

Robot Mark
Real name
Mark Ten
Current alias
Robot Mark
Associate of Axa

Place of birth
Valley of Mists
First appearance

The Sun (1980)


Robt Mark Ten was given to the warrior woman Axa as a companion by grateful scientists after she had aided them against the terrors of the Valley of Mists. He was seemingly irreparably damaged by acid which corroded his circuits and caused him to go mad during an encounter with the deranged Joy Eden, but was repaired and restored to Axa by the inhabitants of the City of Artisans. Later, the robot maker Gala provided Mark with a mate, Robot Martha, but she proved to be temperamental and shrewish.

Mark was set up as a king by the robotic Clods, who wanted him to lead them in conquering humanity, and for a while he appeared to be seriously considering the idea, imprisoning Axa and her lover, Matt. What his ultimate choice was remains unknown, but at least one later story (possibly not in continuity with the earlier ones) shows him still by Axa's side some years later, though with no Martha in evidence.



Laser pistol


Mark was a monosyllabic individual programmed to love Axa, and consequently invariably jealous of her boyfriends. Following his repair by the Artisans, he would occasionally display a rather dry sense of humor.


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