Robbie Morrison
Robbie Morrison is a comics writer from Scotland. According to letterer Annie Parkhouse, "I'm always delighted to get one of Robbie's scripts... Robbie's always effortless to read and letter and the story unfolds like magic." For 2000 AD he has written Judge Dredd, one of Tharg's Future Shocks (with David Millgate), Vector 13, Pulp Sci-Fi, Vanguard, Shakara and Marauder. His best-known work for the galaxy's greatest comic was as the co-creator (with Simon Fraser) of Nikolai Dante, the long-running strip about a Russian rogue armed with futuristic technology who is "too cool to kill." In 2002 Nikolai Dante won the 'Best Character' Eagle Award.

For the Judge Dredd Megazine Morrison has written Judge Hershey, Brit-Cit Brute, Shimura (which he co-created), more Judge Dredd, Wynter, Maelstrom, DeMarco, The Bendatti Vendetta and Hondo-City Justice (featuring Aiko Inaba, another of his co-creations). He has also worked for DC, Marvel and Wildstorm, and has worked on Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor for Titan Comics.

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