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Revolutionary War is a story running through a series of one-shot comics bookended by a two part limited series, published in America by Marvel Comics in 2014, which resurrects the characters from the short lived Marvel UK line of US format titles from the early 1990s, including Dark Angel, Death's Head, Death's Head II, Motormouth, Killpower, Digitek, the Knights of Pendragon, the Warheads and Super Soldiers. It also features Captain Britain (Brian Braddock) and Black Axe, amongst others. Presumably, this was conceived as an exercise to retain the trademarks on the characters, which after 20 years would have been up for renewal.


The story at first apparently concerns the villainous Mys-Tech board members attempting to return from Hell, and Captain Britain and S.H.I.E.L.D (including the son and namesake of Nick Fury) tracking down the various British superheroes who defeated them last time in an attempt to thwart them again. In the meantime, Dark Angel has found herself forced to act as nurse to Mephisto, while former Warheads leader Colonel Tigon Liger is now a booze addled wreck since losing his unit and being separated from his sentient gun, Clementine, Motormouth is now a struggling single mother, and the Super Soldiers are attempting to make an action movie about their past exploits. Meanwhile, Death's Head II seems to have gone over to the enemy, but proves to be attempting to infiltrate the organisation. As the story unfolds, however, it becomes clear that Death's Head II and Tuck are trying to infiltrate MysTech and uncover their plot; however, they are unable to stop MysTech's Psycho-Wraiths from kidnapping Captain Britain, Dark Angel, Albion, the Super Soldier Hauer, Dai Thomas and the original Death's Head and using them to power a gateway to Hell. Shockingly, the true mastermind behind the plot turns out to be not MysTech, but the supposedly deceased former hero Killpower, who has been driven insane by his experiences in Hell and now invades Earth with an army of demons and damned souls (including one who appears to be Captain Britain's former sidekick Jackdaw). Ultimately, the assembled heroes of Britain defeat Killpower, who urges them to kill him when his true personality momentarily breaks through again after seeing his former partner, Motormouth. The death of Killpower allows Dark Angel to close the gateway.

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