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Planet of the Apes was a weekly comic launched by Marvel UK on 26th October 1974, and featured reprints of the American Marvel Planet of the Apes strips from the magazine of the same name (including both adaptations of the Apes movies and new strips based on the mythology such as the classic Terror on the Planet of the Apes) with backup strips featuring Marvel characters including Ka-Zar and and, later, Gullivar Jones, Doctor Doom, Adam Warlock and Captain Marvel. It is also notable for being the first Marvel UK strip to feature a more or less 'original' character, Apeslayer, in issues #23-30; this was actually a Killraven strip from the US title 'Amazing Adventures', re-lettered and partially redrawn, with the Martian invaders and their servants replaced by apes, a rather bizarre but highly innovative temporary solution to a shortage of genuine Apes strips to reprint caused by the weekly's publishing schedule having overtaken that of the original US title (which also meant that for a time, strips were being rushed out for the weekly, then reprinted later in the US title which they were supposed to be reprinting from, making POTA also technically the first Marvel UK title to be reprinted in the US). From issue #88, the comic absorbed its sister title Dracula Lives, with the cover heading now reading 'Planet of the Apes and Dracula Lives'; Conan also joined the line-up in later issues. The title was finally cancelled after issue #123 (23rd February 1977) and merged with Mighty World of Marvel Vol 1, which concluded the 'Battle for the Planet of the Apes' adaptation begun in POTA #108 before picking up the Terror on the Planet of the Apes strip which had been put on hiatus earlier. A one off Planet of the Apes strip later appeared in an issue of Marvel Super-Heroes Monthly in the early 1980s, though it was not titled as such since by that time Marvel no longer held the licence to the franchise.

A series of Planet of the Apes Annuals based on the short lived TV series, with no connection to the Marvel title, was published by Brown Watson from 1975-1977.

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