classic 1967 TOPPER item


centrespread advertising TOPPER goodies.

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IPC done 'em as well!


WHIZZER and CHIPS, flogging their wares!


the FREE GIFTS continue!

'Pink flyers' or 'pink papers' (not to be confused with gay news-sheet the Pink Paper) is the term used to coin the phenomenon of advertising inserts commonly seen in the 1960s and 1970s, from D.C. Thomson especially. The Beano, for example, would often carry a four-page advert for Sparky , highlighting an upcoming issue with new characters, and a gift thrown in to entice the reader. These adverts---often entertaining in their own right, and evidently put together by artists and letterers wholly separate from the actual comic they were advertising-----were usually, but not always, printed on lurid pink newsprint, and today they sometimes turn up as separate items of their own unique account, and can command higher asking-prices than the comics they advertise, in some cases.