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Paul Neary

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Vol 1 cover by Neary


Another cover by Neary


Warrior Women Summer Special

Paul Neary was a comics artist, writer and editor who worked for numerous British and American publishers since the 1970s, including America's Warren Publishing, Marvel Comics and DC Comics and Britain's Warrior and 2000 AD (and its related titles Crisis and Revolver), as well as a period as editor-in-Chief of Marvel UK in the early 1990s (he had previously worked for Marvel UK in the early 1980s). His British comics work includes Hulk, Nick Fury, Bloodseed, Captain Britain, Timesmasher, The Crusader, Blake's 7, Star Wars and Doctor Who for Marvel UK, Tharg's Future Shocks, Mother Earth and Abelard Snazz for 2000 AD, Madman for Warrior and Happenstance and Kismet for Revolver, as well as overseeing the creation of Marvel UK's early '90s line of US format titles including Dark Angel, Death's Head II, Warheads, Digitek, Motormouth and the Knights of Pendragon. In America, his credits include Eerie, Captain America, The Thing, Ka-Zar, Fantastic Four, The Ultimates, Uncanny X-Men, Batman, Adventures of the Outsiders and Excalibur, often inking pencils by his longtime collaborator Alan Davis. He died on February 10th 2024 at the age of 74, having been ill for some time. He was survived by his partner Bernie Jaye.