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A page from the story 'Neuronic Nightmare' (Doctor Who Annual 1976). Harry has now had plastic surgery, again.


A page from The Psychic Jungle (Doctor Who Annual 1976). Note Harry Sullivan and Sarah Jane Smith's rather dramatic makeovers, which might lead the uncharitable to think that Paul had never actually seen them.

Paul Crompton was a comics artist/writer who contributed Doctor Who strips and covers to the Doctor Who Annual, most notably from 1976-1980 (although he also contributed in a smaller capacity to both earlier and later annuals), as well as one Doctor Who story (Double Trouble) in TV Comic, also in 1976. He is notable for having drawn The Doctor's companion Harry Sullivan with completely different physical characteristics in two stories in the same (1976) annual, while managing on both occasions to make him in no way resemble Ian Marter, the actor who played him on TV. He also inexplicably drew Sarah Jane Smith as a blonde in one of them. He apparently drew the 1979 annual solo, and later wrote for the 1980 annual. He also worked on various other annuals for World Distributors from 1972 to the late 1980s, originally as a staff artist but later as a freelancer.

For the record, Paul: this is what Harry Sullivan should look like: