Patty's World was the ongoing saga of young Patty Lucas, which ran in the pages of IPC's girls titles Princess Tina and, later, Pink and Mates before ending up in Girl. Patty was basically your standard thoroughly decent, no-nonsense, common-sense-spouting heroine with a tragic past (her dad, newspaperman Bill Lucas, had inconveniently fallen out of his office window to his death while excitedly announcing the score of the 1966 World Cup). Patty's long-running strip, drawn by Purita Campos, was almost unique in allowing its central character to age in real time, so that she started out as a young girl but ended up an adult with a daughter of her own (though the story was briefly rebooted by writer Phillip Douglas when it transferred to Girl). Following its discontinuation in the UK (after a more than respectable 17 year run from 1971-1988), the strip continued to run in publications in Spain, with Patty renamed Esther. It was also translated into German, Dutch and Greek. It was edited for a time by John Wagner.
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