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Pat Mills (who has been known to use the noms de plume of R. E. Wright or V. Gross) is sometimes called "the godfather of British comics." He is a comics writer and editor who was born in 1949 and is not yet dead, and his website is here. Along with others including his frequent writing partner John Wagner, he revitalised the British comics industry in the 1970s and early 1980s with the creation of titles such as Battle Picture Weekly, Action, Misty and most significantly 2000 AD and characters and strips such as Judge Dredd, Ro-Busters, ABC Warriors, Flesh, Invasion!, Nemesis the Warlock, Sláine and the groundbreaking World War One story Charley's War (which Mills insists is "not a war story, but an anti-war story"). He had productive working relationships with a number of talented writers and artists, such as John Hicklenton.

Mills later went on to create the anti-hero Marshal Law and the short-lived titles Dice Man, Crisis and Toxic!, as well as contributing stories to Doctor Who Weekly. In the mid 1990s he began writing for the French market with Sha, and he continued to write Bill Savage, Sláine and ABC Warriors for 2000 AD, where he began actively crafting a shared universe between his various strips. More recently, he created Greysuit, effectively an update of 2000 AD's M.A.C.H. One (which he also created). In late 2020, however, he stated that that he would no longer be working for 2000 AD publishers Rebellion due to dissatisfaction with their policies towards creator ownership of copyrights, a subject on which he has spoken out many times over the years with regard to the industry in general. Sláine concluded its run in 2000 AD in April 2021.

Mills has written two Doctor Who audio plays, 'Dead London' and 'The Scapegoat', for Big Finish Productions. He has also worked for American comics publishers, creating Metalzoic for DC Comics, Terrarists for Epic (with Tony Skinner) and Punisher 2099 for Marvel, amongst others.

He was formerly married to illustrator Angie Kincaid.

See also: Millsverse.

British comics, characters and strips created by Pat Mills

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Sláine MacRoth

Beep the Meep

Sister Sturn

Sex Warrior


General Ironicus

Wrarth Warriors



Marshal Law


Purity Brown

Nemesis the Warlock


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