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Panini is an Italian comics publisher, a division of the Panini Group which is probably best known for its sticker albums. Panini publishes comics in several other countries through local sub-divisions, including France, Germany, Hungary, Span, Portugal, Chile, Brazil and Argentina, as well as the UK. Panini's UK branch publishes a line of reprint comics under the Marvel UK name, having obtained the licence to do so with the dissolving of the original Marvel UK in 1999. They also formerly published UK originated material based on the Marvel Comics characters until Marvel's new owners, the Disney Corporation, announced a new policy of not allowing new stories featuring the Marvel characters to be produced outside America in May 2011. Additionally, they have been the publishers of Doctor Who Magazine since effectively taking it over from Marvel UK in 1995, although the magazine continued to carry the Marvel UK logo until 1999 when Marvel's pre-existing exclusive licence to publish a Doctor Who comic strip ran out. From 2003-2006, Panini also published DC Comics reprints in their Batman Legends title. They launched Batman: Tales of the Dark Knight in March 2020.


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