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Real name
Oola Blint
Current alias
Mary Angel
Homer Blint (husband)
Base of operations
Mega-City One

Marital status
Serial killer
Euthanasia diploma
Normal human birth
Place of birth
First appearance

2000 AD prog 1050


Oola Blint is a villain from the 2000 AD strip Judge Dredd. She was an outwardly pleasant and well-adjusted woman who over a period of several years, with the help of her loyal but weak-willed husband Homer, committed at least 537 murders in Mega-City One, which she considered to be mercy killings (to her way of thinking, she was freeing lonely people from the madness of the city). Her calling card was a single black rose left with each corpse.

Homer Blint was an uxorious man who said that since he became a serial killer "I feel I really have a purpose now," and who gave Oola a gold syringe (for the administration of lethal injections) for Christmas. Oola reciprocated his affection by giving him an undertaker's suit to match her own.

Her identity eventually discovered by Judge Dredd, Oola escaped justice by fleeing to Brit-Cit and opening up a legal euthanasia clinic. She and Homer adopted the identities of Mary and Joseph Angel. However, Oola soon discovered that killing really didn't do anything for her if the victims were actually willing. Homer, now seeing through her justification for her crimes, informed on Oola when she began murdering people again. He almost fell victim to her himself when she gave him a lethal injection, but Dredd found him in time for the antidote to be administered.

Thanks to Homer's information, Dredd was able to arrest Oola. She and Homer were incarcerated for life for their crimes in the high-security encubement facility at Radmoor. They were placed in a cohab cube, which had been part of the deal the besotted Homer had made with Dredd, but Oola refused to look at or speak to her husband.

Some years later, writer Amis Barnes sought to interview Oola about Judge Dredd, but she threatened to kill him, her mental state having apparently deteriorated even further.

Powers and abilities[]

Strength level

Human female who gets regular exercise (murdering people).



Syringes containing the lethal drug zilocaine.


Black hover-porter.


Oola rarely carried weapons as such, since she disliked violence. Her preferred method was to incapacitate her victims with gas, then administer a lethal injection. However, if she ran out of gas she was prepared to resort to household items such as glass bottles and kitchen knives.


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