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Old Sarah Mumford

Old Sarah Mumford
Real name
Sarah Mumford
Current alias
Old Sarah Mumford
Base of operations
Cornish cottage

Unusual features
She's a tree
Marital status
First appearance
Last appearance


Old Sarah Mumford was a witch who with her familiar cat, Greymalkin, witnessed the Black Knight rescue a downed helicopter while he was searching for the missing Captain Britain in order to accompany him on a quest for Merlyn. Later an amnesiac Brian Braddock brought the Black Knight to her cottage in order to heal his injured winged horse, Valinor.

Sarah Mumford (Earth-616) from Hulk Comic (UK) 06 0001

As she was gathering fresh herbs in order to heal the wounded animal, she witnessed a stranger coming towards her home and was frightened by him. Fleeing back to the cottage she performed spells in order to hide it from the stranger. After the stranger managed to break into the cottage she soon realised that he was Vortigen, leader of the Six Proud Walkers.

Shortly afterwards the confused Brian Braddock bolted from the cottage into the woods in a vain attempt to flee from the strange man. While Brian was wandering confused in the woods, he was under an enchantment to always return to the cottage. Vortigen went out to deal with him. Sarah then told the story of the origins of the Proud Walkers while waiting for the two men to return. Vortigen was there to aid the heroes against the forces of Mordred.

After telling the heroes the origin of Vortigen she aided them against the forces of the evil wizard Mordred, throwing an axe at him and shouting "DIE!". The axe missed, but it was pretty cool that Sarah was shown to be more than just a standard-issue frail old lady.

Sarah Mumford (Earth-616) from Hulk Comics (UK) 9 0001

After the heroes departed her home, Sarah and her cottage came under attack by the forces of Mordred. Sarah threw an axe at him, but missed, before her cottage was destroyed and she herself was transformed into a gnarled and leafless tree by Mordred. However, when Valinor ate the one fruit growing from the tree it healed his injuries.

Old Sarah was accompanied at all times by the demonic cat Greymalkin, her familiar spirit. Greymalkin was last seen sitting in the tree which had once been Sarah, proving that cats don't really care what traumas befall their owners as long as they have somewhere comfy to sleep.

Powers and abilities[]


Casting a spell of protection.


Spinning wool; healing animals; delivering exposition.

Strength level

Elderly human female.



Spinning wheel; cauldron.


She walks everywhere.




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