Nutty was launched by D.C. Thomson on 16th February 1980, and ran until 14th September 1985 when it was merged with The Dandy. The first three issues contained free gifts: a Space Dust powder sweet sachet, a 'Zoomerang' and a 'Whirlygig Spinning Balloon', respectively. In later issues, #35 contained a packet of Pop Rocks sweets and #36 a free Bananaman badge. Featured characters included Bananaman, the Wild Rovers, Peter Pest, Jay R. Hood, the School Belles, Wacky, Samuel Creeps, Sports Fan, Scoopy, Steevie Star, Dick Turban, Doodlebug, The Snobbs and the Slobbs, Blubba and the Bear, Mitey Joe, Pearl Potter the Producer's Daughter, Ethel Red and Big 'n' Bud, while reprinted features included the Beano's General Jumbo and Jack Flash.
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