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Nostradamus de Torquemada

Real name
Nostradamus de Torquemada
Enemy of Torquemada
Torquemada (brother, supposed grandson); Candida (sister-in-law); Pandora (niece, deceased); Barbarossa (nephew, deceased)
Base of operations
Stalag 17

Unusual features
Marital status
Unemployed; former Grand Master of Termight
Forced to drink human slime
Place of birth
First appearance

2000 AD prog 445


Nostradamus de Torquemada is a character from the 2000 AD strip Nemesis the Warlock. He was the big brother of Tomas and Grand Master of Termight. The pair went on an expedition through the Time Wastes to Earth, ten thousand million years in the future, where humanity had returned to the ocean and become a slick of red slime. They called themselves the 'Primords' and wanted Tomas and Nostradamus to join them in their state of blissful contentment, a condition of supreme happiness they described as 'Nirvana'. Instead, Tomas burnt the 'impure' Primords as fuel and their tortured spirits escaped into the atmosphere to become the vengeful, hate-crazed 'Monads'.

The Primords got their own back by donning human diving suits, red liquid sloshing about inside the glass helmets. They attacked the rig that was burning their bodies, captured Nostradamus and forced him to drink the red slime: "Our body... our blood..." Tomas left his brother to his fate and escaped so that he could become Grand Master of Termight in his stead, reporting Nostradamus as dead.

Nostradamus, however, was still alive. Deformed beyond all recognition, mentally and physically, he escaped back to Termight and became fixated on Candida, believing she should be his wife. To prevent a scandal — and to stop him having sexual contact with Candida and thus detonating the micro-bomb her attentive husband had planted in her head as a deterrent to infidelity — the Torquemada family imprisoned Nostradamus in a lunatic asylum and pretended he was Tomas' senile grandfather.

Ten years later a time-displaced Torquemada, who had been presumed dead himself, went on an expedition with Nemesis, Purity Brown, Candida and the ABC Warriors into the Time Wastes to find the infant warlock Thoth before he destroyed the world. The new rulers of Termight, who weren't that happy that Torquemada had reappeared, visited Nostradamus in his lunatic asylum, wanting his knowledge of the Time Wastes.

Released from the asylum, Nostradamus fell in love with a life-sized blow-up doll of Candida. He, the doll and some Terminators eventually found Torquemada ten thousand million years in the future, at the time of the Primords. Nostradamus started kissing Candida, but fortunately Ro-Jaws punctured the Candida-doll and caused it to burst, distracting Nostradamus before he could cause the micro-bomb to explode.

Powers and abilities[]

Strength level

Surprisingly high, given his problems.


Grotesque physical and mental deformities


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