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2000 AD prog 610 cover

By Kev Hopgood

"Not many of Zero City's citizens venture out of doors at night, and, as it's always night in Zero City, traffic is never any problem... Which is the way Tanner likes it. Being a cabbie... sort of. Not much in the way of customers but he likes the peace and quiet..."

Night Zero was a futuristic pulp/noir comic strip in 2000 AD by John Brosnan (the only work the writer did for 2000 AD) and Kev Hopgood. It ran from progs 607 to 616, i.e. December 1988 to March 1989, and featured the adventures of an android cab driver called Tanner who was trying to protect a beautiful woman (or perhaps 'dame' would be the mot juste) called Allana Price from being killed. It spawned three follow-up series which are generally considered to be not as good as the original; Beyond Zero, Lost in Zero and Below Zero. Of these, Below Zero, was reprinted in full in the first three issues of 2000 AD Showcase Vol 2.