Nick Abadzis is a British comics writer, artist and colourist who was born in Sweden to Greek and English parents. His website is here. He created the characters Hugo Tate and Mr Pleebus for Deadline. Mr Pleebus went on to star in a series of children's books, and Hugo Tate's collected strips won an award for 'best graphic novel'. Abadzis' graphic novel Laika, about that dog that was sent into space and died, won more awards for being "a luminous masterpiece filled with pathos and poignancy" (Kirkus Review). He worked as a cartoonist for The Sunday Correspondent (now, alas, no longer with us) and was a writer for cheery blue-collar children's TV show Bob the Builder.

In addition to work for Marvel UK (on Children of the Voyager) and DC, Abadzis has written for Revolver and the Revolver Horror Special. For 2000 AD he has worked on Tharg's Terror Tales, Rogue Trooper and Vector 13, and was the co-creator and writer of Darkness Visible. Plus he co-authored The Betrothal of Sontar with John Tomlinson for Doctor Who Magazine.

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