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The Mys-Tech Corporation is a fictional organisation from the Marvel universe. They were effectively a front for a cult of immortal techno-wizards in the service of the demon lord Mephisto. The Mys-Tech board of directors, which included Algernon Crowe, Ranulph Haldane, Bronwen Gryffn, Ormond Wychwood, Gudrun Tyburn, Brendan Rathcoole and Eadmund Porlock, had all originally been members of the Sect of Chasidm, and had made a deal with Mephisto in 987 AD granting them eternal life in return for a steady supply of souls. Sadly for the seven, most of whom were already fairly mature when they made the deal, their assumption that immortality would also confer eternal youth proved erroneous. The life forces of the seven were tied to the universe in such a way that killing them could potentially destroy everything, unless their death was specifically permitted by Mephisto.

By the late 20th century, the seven mages had created a business empire which was worth millions, owned several subsidiaries such as the Omni Corporation (which had caused probems for the Knights of Pendragon) and employed the mercenary Warheads to loot other times and places for technology for them. They employed Oonagh Mullarkey to create the mentally deficient super-soldier Killpower, and also created the superhumans called Genetix (who turned on them) and the UnEarth, a kind of miniature version of Earth with which they could manipulate events on the real Earth using a kind of voodoo. They were the antagonists of several superheroes including Dark Angel (the daughter of board member Ranulph Haldane, who had somehow managed to get killed), Motormouth, Death's Head II, Plasmer and the X-Men.

Mys-Tech were eventually defeated and the board members banished to Hell, the domain of their master Mephisto.


Mys-Tech were the principal villains in the American format line of books published for the direct market by Marvel UK in the early 1990s, and in the anthology title Overkill, which made the same material available in Britain's newsagents.


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