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Monster Fun was a primarily horror/monster themed humour comic published by Fleetway from 14th June 1975 to 29th September 1976 (there was also a Monster Fun special in 1976, and Monster Fun annuals continued to be published after the weekly title's cancellation).

Strips featured in Monster Fun included Kid Kong (by Robert Nixon); Dough Nut and Rusty; Brainy and His Monster Maker; X-Ray Specs; The Robot Maker; Frankie Stein (a revival of a strip originally published by Odhams); Art's Gallery; The Little Monsters; Draculass; Stoneage Brit, Ancient Nit; Tom Thumbscrew; Freaky Farm; Sam's Spook; Mummy's Boy; Teddy Scare; Terror TV; Ken Reid's Martha's Monster Make-up; Gums; Terry and the 'Dactyl; Creature Teacher; Major Jump; Crafty Cat; Badtime Bedtime Stories and Survive All.

The comic was eventually merged with Buster, and several of the former Monster Fun features (Kid Kong, Gums, Frankie Stein, Mummy's Boy, X-Ray Specs and Draculass among them) became longtime mainstays of that title.

Monster Fun was revived by Rebellion in 2022 as a bi-monthly title. See also Monster Fun Halloween Spooktacular Vol 1, Monster Fun School's Out Special Vol 1, Monster Fun Easter Special Vol 1, Monster Fun Ghastly Gaming Special Vol 1, Monster Fun Twisted Time Travel Special Vol 1, Monster Fun Dino-Scare Special Vol 1, Monster Fun Horror Holiday Special Vol 1, Monster Fun Petrifying Pets Special Vol 1, Monster Fun Freaky Fairy Tales Special Vol 1 and Monster Fun Christmas Special Vol 1.