Monster Fun was a primarily horror/monster themed humour comic published by Fleetway from 14th June 1975 to 29th September 1976 (there was also a Monster Fun special in 1976, and Monster Fun annuals continued to be published after the weekly title's cancellation).

Strips featured in Monster Fun included Kid Kong (by Robert Nixon); Dough Nut and Rusty; Brainy and His Monster Maker; X-Ray Specs; The Robot Maker; Frankie Stein (a revival of a strip originally published by Odhams); Art's Gallery; The Little Monsters; Draculass; Stoneage Brit, Ancient Nit; Tom Thumbscrew; Freaky Farm; Sam's Spook; Mummy's Boy; Teddy Scare; Terror TV; Ken Reid's Martha's Monster Make-up; Gums; Terry and the 'Dactyl; Creature Teacher; Major Jump; Crafty Cat; Badtime Bedtime Stories and Survive All.

The comic was eventually merged with Buster, and several of the former Monster Fun features (Kid Kong, Gums, Frankie Stein, Mummy's Boy, X-Ray Specs and Draculass among them) became longtime mainstays of that title.

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