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2000 AD prog 6 cover

Cover by Mike Dorey

Mike Dorey is a British comics artist who has worked for 2000 AD, Eagle (on Computer Warrior) and Tornado (on Victor Drago) all for IPC. He sometimes uses the nom de plume of J. Clough. For 2000 AD he has drawn M.A.C.H. One (pictured), Invasion!, Ro-Busters, Psi-Testers, Tharg's Future Shocks, M.A.C.H. Zero, The Mind of Wolfie Smith, Tharg and the Creep that Stole Croydon, Rogue Trooper and Tharg's Time Twisters.

Dorey also drew other strips including Hellman in Action and Battle Picture Weekly, Future Ball in Roy of the Rovers, Scorpio and Comrade Bronski in Eagle, and various strips in Tiger and, for rival publishers D.C. Thomson, Cadman the Fighting Coward in Victor and Big Willi, Iron Annie and Sergeant Rayker in Warlord and numerous strips in Diana, Mandy, Judy, Sparky and Debbie amongst others, as well as Sandra the She-Devil in Heavy Metal (1988). He has also drawn Dan Dare. He estimates that he drew over 600 pages of Cadman alone. He left comics in the 1990s to work in advertising.