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Real name
Arthur Jeeves
Base of operations
Braddock Manor

Marital status
Insane computer
Created by Dr Braddock
Place of birth
First appearance


Mastermind was a solid light hologram, the physical projection of a computer intelligence created by Doctor James Braddock at Braddock Manor. The computer was corrupted by an infection in its living circuitry and killed Braddock and his wife. It went on to transform Braddock's associate Christopher Thorn into the villainous super-powered Doctor Synne and pit him against the Braddock children, Brian Braddock (alias Captain Britain, who had been off with girlfriend Valerie Campbell while Mastermind was killing his parents) and Betsy Braddock. Somehow, the computer had the ability to grant Synne powers including mind control, the generation of energy blasts and telekinesis.

Using Synne as a homicidal puppet would have succeeded had it not been for the Braddocks' loyal housekeeper Emma Collins, who decided to clean the basement containing the evil computer. She switched it off at the wall so she wouldn't get an electric shock, which meant that Doctor Synne immediately lost all his powers and had a heart attack. By the time Emma turned the computer back on again Doctor Synne had turned back into Thorn, told Captain Britain about the source of his amazing abilities, and died.

With Thorn defeated, the computer used its Mastermind persona to attack Captain Britain but was seemingly destroyed when the Manor was bombed by the Government agency S.T.R.I.K.E. (Special Tactical Reserve for International Key Emergencies).

Mastermind Computer (Earth-616) 07

Mastermind returned some years later and attacked Captain Britain again when he discovered the Manor's destruction had in fact been an illusion; the computer had projected an image of the house several hundred yards away from it which S.T.R.I.K.E. had bombed, and the building had remained cloaked ever since, with the computer using the aforementioned housekeeper Emma Collins as its hypnotized slave. Captain Britain defeated Mastermind and reprogrammed the computer to serve him, which it did for quite some time, using both Mastermind and the hologramatic butler Jeeves as its avatars; it also created an android version of Jeeves which it could operate remotely to care for Emma, who was now dying as a result of neurological damage suffered during her years in the computer's power. When the R.C.X. (Resources Control Executive) took over the Manor for a time, Mastermind briefly cooperated with them for reasons of his own.

The Mastermind computer later went insane again and attempted to conquer the mystical realm of Otherworld, where its organic circuitry originated, but was again seemingly destroyed by Captain Britain.

Powers and abilities[]


Mastermind's avatar, Jeeves, can polish silver and is an accomplished tailor. He can also cook Christmas dinner for about twenty people.

Strength level



Have you tried turning it off and on again?



Finger-mounted laser.


Marvel also has another character called Mastermind, a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and foe of the X-Men. The two Masterminds are, however, totally unconnected.


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