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The Angel, from issue #335

Marvel Comic was the new title adopted by the original Mighty World of Marvel with issue #330 in January 1979 as part of Dez Skinn's reinvention of the Marvel UK line. It ran for only a few weeks in this form (until #352) before becoming Marvel Super-Heroes Monthly with #353 (although oddly, the Marvel Comic masthead is incorporated into the tite of The Spectacular Spider-Man Weekly Vol 1 for several weeks, with Daredevil and Godzilla transferring across). Strips featured in Marvel Comic during its run included the Hulk, Daredevil, Conan, Dracula, Skull the Slayer, Master of Kung-Fu (rebranded as S.I.6: The Specialists) and later Ms. Marvel, Godzilla and the X-Men, with Ms. Marvel and the X-Men migrating to MSH. See also Mighty World of Marvel Vol 1. Issue #335 included a new, original six page story starring Wolverine and Hercules and a five page story starring the Angel of the X-Men (both later reprinted in the US in a 1980 Treasury Edition, and the Wolverine strip reprinted again in the UK in an issue of the X-Men Pocketbook). Android Avenger the Vision appeared in a UK originated solo story in issue #336, which was reprinted in American title Tales to Astonish #12 late the following year.

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