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Mandy was a weekly girls comic published by D.C. Thomson 21st January 1967 to 11th May 1991 (1, 269 issues in total) with annuals appearing from 1972 to 2007. From 1991 until 30th December 1995 Mandy combined with sister title Judy to form Mandy and Judy (renumbered from #1), and the new merged title was then merged again, this time with Bunty, until that finally ceased publication in 2001.

Mandy contained the usual mix of serialised stories, mostly either comedic or about tragic heroines, with two of the most popular being Angel (about a girl who dedicates herself to caring for orphaned children in Victorian London after discovering that she's dying) and Valda (about a girl with mystical abilities). Mandy herself, the dark-haired host of the comic, also featured in strips, and ended up living next door to fellow host Judy when their titles merged.

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Strips featured include

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