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Magic Comic was a 'nursery title' for younger children published by D.C. Thomson from 31st January 1976 to 24th February 1979 (a total of 161 issues). Features included:

  • Betsy's Magic Bracelet
  • Bobby in Blue and His Sister Sue
  • Copycat
  • Cuddly and Dudley
  • Dandy Lion
  • Dizzy Wizzy
  • Elfie
  • Flying Flapears
  • Magic Wanda
  • Norma in the Land of Nod
  • Peter Poppin
  • Rainbow Road
  • Spaceship Lollipop
  • Tinky
  • Tommy Trix

Following cancellation, the title was merged with Twinkle.

This title should not be confused with The Magic Comic.