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Lucky Charm was a reprint comic in magazine format, published bi-monthly by D.C. Thomson from October 1979 to June 1984, a total of thirty issues. Beginning with Valda reprints from Mandy in issue #1, each 68-page issue reprinted several stories from various D.C. Thomson girls' comics of years past. The strips featured are listed below. The magazine was a companion title to the boys' reprint magazine Red Dagger.

Strips featured[]

  • Valda
  • Sandra of the Castle Ballet
  • Balloon of Doom
  • Little Miss Feather Feet
  • Sally the Slave-Girl Star
  • Trudy Ten Legs
  • Angel
  • Kathy Come Home!
  • Out to Ruin St Roslyns
  • A Race Horse of Her Own
  • Nelly Never-Give-In
  • Gipsy Jenna on the Run
  • Pavement Ballerina
  • Tug of War for Flighty
  • The Children's Champion
  • Little Miss Frozen Face
  • Wonder Girl
  • Sandra and the Sultana's Ballet
  • The Taming of Teresa
  • Meg of the Moors
  • The Truth About Valda
  • The Dancing Life of Moira Kent
  • Sheena — Slave of the Tennis Racket
  • Catch the Cat
  • The Taming of the Tearaway
  • The Four Marys
  • Janet the Janitor
  • Climbing Rose
  • Sisters of the Secret Pool