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Mega-City Undercover volume 2

Low Life is a long-running series which was originated by writer Rob Williams and artist Henry Flint in 2000 AD prog 1387 in 2004 and which has run intermittently ever since. (The artists Simon Coleby, Rufus Dayglo, D'Israeli and Smudge have also worked on it.) It centres around the exploits of a number of undercover operatives of the so-called Wally Squad of Mega City One's Justice Department living in the Low Life, the most crime-riddled part of the city.

The original lead character was Judge Aimee Nixon, a female Judge who had a talent for beating lie detectors and who had voluntarily had her left arm removed and replaced by a robotic one as part of her cover. Other characters included Judge Eric 'Mortal' Coil, who appeared to be a baby but had the mind of an adult; Judge Thora, the Controller of the squad, who had had surgery to make her appear to be an old woman; and the character who would quickly replace Nixon as the strip's lead, the slightly deranged Dirty Frank, a Judge who had seemingly been undercover so long it had driven him mad (though Frank's story eventually proved to be rather more complicated than that).

Low Life was one of the strips featured in the three-way crossover Trifecta, in which further details of Dirty Frank's past were revealed.