Lord Weird Slough Feg

Lord Weird Slough Feg
Real name
Lord Weird Slough Feg
Worships Crom-Cruach
Base of operations
Land of the Dead (currently)

Unusual features
Grotesque his appearance. Strange his visage. Talk like Yoda he does.
Place of birth
First appearance


The Lord Weird Slough Feg is a character from the 2000 AD strip Sláine. The most powerful of the Drune Lords who tyrannised Tír na nÓg with the help of their Skull Swords, he was over twenty thousand years old. He lived in the Cave of Beasts, sixty feet below ground, and ate children taken from villages as tribute. The bravest children, like Medb, were spared by Feg so that they could become Drunes or Drunesses.

Eventually Feg decided to have Medb sacrificed to Crom-Cruach and had his priestesses Nemon, Catha and Fea prepare Medb as Feg's Skull Swords gathered prisoners. Amongst these prisoners was the young Celtic barbarian Sláine and his companion Ukko who had been hired by Medb's father to rescue her. Sláine took her from the top of a wickerman and in retaliation Feg raised an army of undead soldiers to swarm the Celt. However, Sláine quickly warped and dispensed his enemy with ease.

Shortly afterwards, Feg's commander Slough Throt betrayed him and stole Feg's book of Ragnarok. Feg's wounds kept him out of action for a while, but he was eventually restored to power after Sláine killed the Mata. He sent Medb to the tribe of the Sessair to seduce King Ragall and sent orders for Balor Evil Eye and his Fomorians to invade the Land of the Young.

Later, during the Cyth invasion of the Home of the Ever-Living Ones, Feg disguised himself as the priest Cador in an attempt to get close to The Myrddin. Upon revealing himself he promptly shot Myrddin's assistant Brotor in the face and took the to meet the Cyth leader Guledig before being ordered back to continue his invasion of the Land of the Young.

Under Feg's orders, Balor and his men laid colossal waste to the land, and Medb had suceeded in her task of seducing Ragall. Sláine's return however brought about a disruption to Feg's plans and so he put his schemes into full effect and gather an army of Drune Lords, Fomorians and Skull Swords. In the meantime, Sláine united all four of the tribes and made his own army against the rapidly decaying Feg.

Towards the climax of the battle against Feg's forces Sláine was tied down by Skull Swords. Feg approached and attempted to sacrifice the warrior to his god Crom-Cruach. The ropes failed to keep Sláine down however and he got free, throwing a Gae-Bolga in Feg's testicles. Having been robbed of his manhood, Feg was then swallowed by the worm god when it arrived, ending the Drune Lord's two-thousand-year reign.

Much later on in a timeline altered by the Guledig, Feg was reborn shortly after the encounter and had a centaur-like form. Sláine warped out however and quickly dispatched the Drune Lord for a second time.

Feg subsequently appeared as a ghost to watch his son Slough Thruc defeat Sláine, but returned to the Land of the Dead in disgust when Sláine recovered his inner fire and dispatched most of Slough Thruc's troops with a rain of arrows.

Powers and abilities


Making people kill themselves; raising the dead.


Numerous magical powers, heightened after being reborn into his centaur form.

Strength level



He smells awful.



Shamanic gear.


A coffin carried by Skull Swords.




The Lord Weird Slough Feg gets his name because he is one of the Drune Lords who have gained magical power by shedding or sloughing (pronounced 'sluffing') their human skin. He has nothing to do with the Berkshire town of Slough (which rhymes with 'cow').


  • Feg is mentioned in the first episode of Sláine in 2000 AD prog 330, but doesn't appear until prog 337.
  • There is a heavy metal band named after the Lord Weird Slough Feg. Their website is here.


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