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London Editions Magazines was the comics publishing division of Egmont UK during the 1980s. LEM primarily reprinted American material from DC Comics and Disney under licence (Egmont had previously published both Superman Pocketbook's and Batman Pocketbook's under the Egmont/Methuen name in the late 1970s). When Egmont purchased Fleetway from IPC in 1991, LEM was merged with it, becoming Fleetway Editions, and later Egmont Fleetway in 1996. From 2000, the company became simply Egmont Publishing. The company's first real success with DC Comics reprints came with The Super Heroes Monthly edited by Vanessa Morgan, which also spawned a spin-off Superman Spectacular title (just two issues), and three Super Heroes Annuals. later, the late 1980s London Editions DC Comics reprint line, initially edited by Brian M. Clarke, included Superman, Batman Monthly, Zones, DC Action, Heroes and Shockwave as well as various associated Specials. The line was not ultimately very successful (aside from the Superman and Batman titles, which were eventually picked up by Fleetway) despite the quality of much of the material presented, possibly due to the comparative unfamiliarity of much of the British audience with the DC Comics characters, or because of the general lack of a cohesive identity and direction for the line by comparison with their principal rivals, Marvel UK. LEM also published some licensed material based on toy lines/cartoons, including Disney Magazine, Masters of the Universe, She-Ra, BraveStarr and Centurions PowerXtreme. One of the editors/letterers of the LEM line was Peter Nichols, vocalist of the prog rock band IQ.

  • For the sake of convenience, some Egmont titles published before the adoption of the LEM name are categorised here as LEM titles.
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